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As Facebook was well developed, it has became a crucial role on releasing and spreading news. According to the BuzzFeed Partner Net work’s review, people were clicking Facebook for the news twice more than the real news page.

The amount of outbound link to publisher on Facebook has grown from 62 million to 161. Facebook and Google were almost having equal amount two years ago, and today Facebook has 3.5 times more than Google.

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However, because there is variety news on the social network, it is hard to tell which one is authentic. Therefore, people are always doubted on the news.

For example, there was a plane crash last year in Taiwan, which is my home country.   When the news first came out. All the people were sharing the news on Facebook. Conversely, some of the news claimed that there are 150 lives died in the crash, and others said there are 200 lives. Moreover, the different news page stated the variety reasons causing disaster. However, there is still advantage for people getting news on Facebook. Because people are using Facebook all the time, when the disaster happened, the news can be spread to everyone faster. People would also have more time to prepare.