Hashtags on Instagram


Instagram has taken a huge place for hashtags. Hashtags are the labels and words that are used on social media. To add the hashtags, simply insert a “#” in front of the words that want to be tagged. The words will automatically be hashtags. There are two advantages for hashtags. First, when people are interesting in or find certain subject, entering the hashtags will reduce the time on searching unnecessary subject. Also, people may figure out other facts that may be interesting as well. Second, it is a good way to promote products by hashtags. To advertise the merchandised, it should be a lot of hashtags that related to the product on the caption.


Many Instagram users have established great business by selling or reselling products by hashtaging. There are also some general hashtags that were invented on Instagram. If they are used in the caption, the pictures may gain more views and likes. Most of them are meaningless, such as #instadaily #photooftheday #ootd #instamood. However, those hashtags are still popular.

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